Drake Ties Lil Wayne’s Billboard Hot 100 Record.

Drake has had an astonishing year, filled with successful tours, hit records, and business partnerships. Drake is an artist like no other, he writes catchy melodic melodies as well as abrasive and arrogant poetry.  Drake has the ability to make the world sing along, no matter age or ethnicity.  This is the reason why Drake has already tied his teacher record on the Billboard Charts.  According to an recent Billboard article Drake and Lil Wayne are tied at 132 most hot 100 entries.

I believe drake will surpass his instructor and eventually past Glee Cast.  Drake just turned thirty years old, he has plenty of time to hold  Billboard’s most prestige record.  Drake has a mixtape and many more song features schedule for 2017.  Will he break the record next year? It is definitely possible.

Drake Ties Lil Wayne’s Billboard Hot 100


The Bad Boy Radio show.

The Bad Boy Radio was on fire today.  Ron and Kawaun gave in depth interviews among each other.  They also informed the viewers about sports, traffic, entertainment, and many other things.  Check this exclusive interview out, its surely a treat.


Kawaun Moore is an art entrepreneur and storyteller.  Everyday my job is to monetize my everyday feelings and lifestyle.  I enjoy telling the story of a young man with a very diverse background filled with unbelievable encounters.  I always paid attention to my feelings and thoughts; this since of awareness helped me define myself.  Looking from within forced me to become the confident man and artist I am today.

I graduated from Columbia College Chicago earlier this year with bachelors in arts.  I gained knowledge of marketing, advertising, branding, entertainment law and finance.  I joined the Grammy U Chicago Chapter, which gave me many opportunities to get to know industry leaders and professionals.  In September I began taking classes at the Illinois Media School to acquire skills in camera, radio, and editing software.  I believe I’m very prepared for my future in the entertainment businesses.  My discipline and passion is my greatest attribute.