Drake bags JLo?

Drake closes out 2016 perfectly by hooking up with one of the “hottest entertainers of all time” Jennifer Lopez.  Drake already hushed Meek Mill, dropped his forth studio album “Views”, sold out tours locally and internationally, and now dating the talented Jennifer Lopez.  Drake’s 2016 almost seems like a fairy tale. The average person couldn’t dream to concur such heights.

Many believe this new found relationship is an marketing ploy to sale JLO’s new music single and album.  Some fans believe Jennifer is too old for Drake and just using him for his relevance.  Jennifer Lopez is well into her forty’s and Drake just turned thirty.  Could this be real attraction?

I believe Drake and Jennifer Lopez are really into each other.  Im sure Drake had a crush on JLO growing up just like every other teenage guy in the 90’s and 2000’s.  Ms. Lopez is known for dating younger man. Her last boyfriend was in his late twenties.  Although this relationship is real, I don’t believe it will last.  Drake is young and ambitious, JLO is wise and knowledgable.  I believe the the different level of the two careers will become a problem in there relationship.

Drake and JLO


Drake Ties Lil Wayne’s Billboard Hot 100 Record.

Drake has had an astonishing year, filled with successful tours, hit records, and business partnerships. Drake is an artist like no other, he writes catchy melodic melodies as well as abrasive and arrogant poetry.  Drake has the ability to make the world sing along, no matter age or ethnicity.  This is the reason why Drake has already tied his teacher record on the Billboard Charts.  According to an recent Billboard article Drake and Lil Wayne are tied at 132 most hot 100 entries.

I believe drake will surpass his instructor and eventually past Glee Cast.  Drake just turned thirty years old, he has plenty of time to hold  Billboard’s most prestige record.  Drake has a mixtape and many more song features schedule for 2017.  Will he break the record next year? It is definitely possible.

Drake Ties Lil Wayne’s Billboard Hot 100

Nick Cannon has Lupus?


Nick Cannon has been through many ups and downs this year.  He has been finalizing his divorce to the vary talented Mariah Carey and also expecting his third child by ex-girlfriend Brittany Bell.  With all this hysteria, Nick Cannon still balance a healthy and relative career in the entertainment industry.

Nick Cannon definitely played a huge part in my friends and I childhood.  Nick Cannon has always kept the youth engaged through his witty artistry.  Nick always makes music and movies that keep you laughing endlessly.  Nick Cannon might have started his career very early but he is far from retirement.  Cannon has a executive position at Teen Nick and Radio Shack and hosts Wild ‘N Out and America Got Talent.  Also in his spare time he is a student at Howard University.

Cannon posted a picture on Christmas day of him in the hospital.  The picture showed the comedians fit arm with IV’s in it.  The picture also shared hopeful words to Cannon’s friends, family, and fans.  This isn’t Nick’s first time being hospitalized by Lupus, a similar situation happened back in 2012.  Lupus had caused Cannons kidneys to inflamed, leading to mild renal failure.

Nick is definitely in my prayers.  He is such a positively light in so many people lives across the world.  Lupus is a serious health concern but I believe Nick Cannon is strong enough to overcome this minor setback.  I believe Nick’s schedule is too demanding and should be altered for his health condition.  We continue to check on brother Nick Cannon.

Nick Cannon hospitalized on Christmas.


Radio Group signs a deal with Songwriting Organization( while suing another).

It seems the Radio Music License Committee (RMLC), an organization who represents thousands of terrestrial radio stations in the U.S., has agreed to a five year deal with ASCAP(performance rights organization).  The two organization have came up with a feasible pay rate to pay artists for their compositions on radio.  Millions and millions of compositions will be covered with this contract, this will ensure ASCAP members an increase in terrestrial and digital performance royalties.  Radio has faced economic difficulties due to the emergence of streaming services, but continue to hold their relevance in 2016.

Radio is very important to the music culture in general. Radio gives an artist the opportunity to be heard across the world. The radio needs amazing songs to gain listeners so they can promote their product to consumers. This is one of the most important offerings in the entertainment industry. Radio is a part of every musicians, actors, and athlete regime. Radio doesn’t only serve as a source of entertainment; it is also informative and enlightening.

Radio presence still is the most effective marketing tool when it comes to breaking new artist! If you are an artist and you want your music to have a global existence; radio should be on the top of your priority list.

Radio Group Signs a Deal with Song Writing Organization.



The Cosby Show makes it return to T.V. Land.

“The Cosby Show” is making its way back to traditional television.  Its seems a brave broadcasting network has step up and took a chance by syndicating the legendary sitcom.  Bounce TV is one of the first African- American broadcasting networks ever.  Bounce TV understood how important “The Cosby Show” is to African American culture.  Bounce believes in separating the art from ones personal life. This courageous decision will come with a lot of negativity from conservative media outlets and television networks. Bounce Tv  made the announcement on Twitter, the reruns are scheduled  to air on December 19, 2016 at 5:00pm (eastern time).

Personally I feel “The Cosby Show”shouldn’t have ever left the airwaves in the first place.  Bill Cosby has had allegations of sexual assault against him  but hasn’t been charged with any crime.  White media outlets and televisions stations has tormented Cosby’s likeness and legacy.  I’m glad an African-American broadcasting network was the first to understand how much the African- American culture needs this fine art.  “The Cosby Show” has undeniably influence American culture and will continue thanks to Bounce T.V.

The Cosby Show makes it return to T.V. Land.

President Obama says no to ticket scalping.

President Obama has pass another historic article of legislation.  As President Obama makes his exit out the Oval Office, he passes a law that will protect the average entertainment fan.  Ticket scalping has been an issue in the entertainment business for the past couple years.  Entertainment enthusiast have not been getting a fair opportunity to attend sports events and concerts.  For the past 5 years major corporations have bought huge amounts of tickets from retailers and resold them for two times the original price.  This recent epidemic has been a total crisis and should have been addressed many years ago. Thanks to President Obama artist, manager, fans, venues, and record companies will have the opportunity to do fair business again.

President Obama did an amazing job addressing these wrong doings of major corporations.  This will give the average entertainment fan an opportunity to see their favorite athlete or musician without going bankrupt.