The Cosby Show makes it return to T.V. Land.

“The Cosby Show” is making its way back to traditional television.  Its seems a brave broadcasting network has step up and took a chance by syndicating the legendary sitcom.  Bounce TV is one of the first African- American broadcasting networks ever.  Bounce TV understood how important “The Cosby Show” is to African American culture.  Bounce believes in separating the art from ones personal life. This courageous decision will come with a lot of negativity from conservative media outlets and television networks. Bounce Tv  made the announcement on Twitter, the reruns are scheduled  to air on December 19, 2016 at 5:00pm (eastern time).

Personally I feel “The Cosby Show”shouldn’t have ever left the airwaves in the first place.  Bill Cosby has had allegations of sexual assault against him  but hasn’t been charged with any crime.  White media outlets and televisions stations has tormented Cosby’s likeness and legacy.  I’m glad an African-American broadcasting network was the first to understand how much the African- American culture needs this fine art.  “The Cosby Show” has undeniably influence American culture and will continue thanks to Bounce T.V.

The Cosby Show makes it return to T.V. Land.


Author: motivatedmillionaireblog

Kawaun Moore is an art entrepreneur and storyteller. Everyday my job is to monetize my everyday feelings and lifestyle. I enjoy telling the story of a young man with a very diverse background filled with unbelievable encounters. I always paid attention to my feelings and thoughts; this since of awareness helped me define myself. Looking from within forced me to become the confident man and artist I am today. I graduated from Columbia College Chicago earlier this year with bachelors in arts. I gained knowledge of marketing, advertising, branding, entertainment law and finance. I joined the Grammy U Chicago Chapter, which gave me many opportunities to get to know industry leaders and professionals. In September I began taking classes at the Illinois Media School to acquire skills in camera, radio, and editing software. I believe I’m very prepared for my future in the entertainment businesses. My discipline and passion is my greatest attribute.

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